Do I need any special equipment to run the system?
No. Because Exym is totally web-based, all you need is a web browser.

What is the set-up process?
Setting up your customized system, including certification for EDI, takes about 90 days. 
Week 1-3:
  • Configure your database and security settings; set up initial note templates.
Week 4-6:
  • Configure services, rates and users.
Week 7-10:
  • Customize note templates.
Week 10-12:
  • Customize data elements and reports.
  • Import data from Dept. of Mental Health
  • Clinician training
  • Biller training
  • Administrator training
  • Free monthly training classes
  • Unlimited technical support
  • Unlimited upgrades
  • EDI certification testing
  • EDI reconciliation tools and training

Is there an initial set-up fee?
Yes, there is an initial installation fee of $10,000 which includes configuration of your system and users, import of your existing data from your County Department of Mental Health, and creation of your custom forms

Can I run Exym on my own server?
Yes, with a 100-user minimum license.  We just need access to your server via your VPN in order to provide you with updates and support.

What kind of support will I receive?
Is support included in the monthly fee?

We are dedicated to our clients and want to ensure you are fully satisfied with our products. Unlimited technical support is part of your subscription.  This means that whatever may go wrong with the system we will correct it at no additional charge.  If you have questions about how the program works, we'll answer them. 

Do I have to pay for upgrades or additional modules?
Never.  All upgrades and modules are included in your monthly subscription.

Can I access the system from off-site?
Yes. Exym is completely web-based.  You can access it securely from any computer with an internet connection via our secure virtual private network (VPN).

Is the information entered and stored in Exym secure?
Absolutely. We use 128-bit SSL encryption to secure your data transmissions, lock access to your authorized physical locations, and use constantly monitored firewalls to protect our servers.

Your data is backed up every 10 minutes, runs on redundant servers and is backed up in two different states.

Access to the system is based on different security roles such that your users only see the information appropriate to their role.  No public access is allowed.

Is Exym HIPAA compliant?
Yes. When you connect to Exym from outside an authorized location, special software is downloaded to your computer. This software verifies the integrity of the computer by checking for current antivirus software, firewall software and up-to-date service packs. After completing the integrity check, Exym launches in a special session on your computer and cleans up after itself -- removing passwords and client info stored in memory -- when you exit.

In addition, Exym has multiple security levels to insure that users see only what is required to do their jobs.  In fact, storing your charts electronically reduces the risk that someone can walk off with a paper chart.

Still have questions?
Give us a call at 714-657-3500 and we'll be glad to answer them.