The Activity Tracking System is designed to provide you with a complete solution at a reasonable price. Because it is highly customizable, you don't need to pay for custom software to meet the unique needs of your organization. Your fees include everything you need for a comprehensive clinical tracking system including setup of the system. No expensive consultants, no servers to buy, no software to support.

Our Pricing Structure

Customizable Exym System Hosted On Our Servers
  • Just $1,500 per month for a complete, hosted 25-user system, including unlimited technical support
  • Pricing goes down as you add users
  • Includes upgrades, support, data backup, application hosting, document storage, integration with e-prescribing and electronic claims.
Setup Fee
  • $10,000 - $25,000 (depending on complexity) - Includes configuration of your system and users, importing your existing data, customization of progress notes, and training.
  • Custom designed Crystal Reports based on your specifications is available for $150 per hour
  • Unlimited technical support and upgrades are included in your monthly subscription.  If anything goes wrong we'll fix it.  When new features are developed you'll get them.